Exposing Tech is a blog where a balance is struck between the enterprise and consumer world, where technology is focused on, and the individual photons that make up the bigger picture are sometimes explained. For some added fun, elements of geek and pop-culture are mixed in.

About The Author...

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Alex Almeida

Alex spent is college days and first half of his career as an Engineer. Following his passion for remaining a subject matter expert while being able to evangelize about applications and use cases of all this great technolgy, Alex is a Consultant, Product Marketing for DellEMC’s Data Protection Solutions Division. Over his 17 year career, 11 of those years have been spent concentrating on all things Data Management and Protection. In the past he has contributed to various other industry blogs, was a member of the EMC Elect, and remains active in various industry user groups and circles.

When Alex is not spending time making heads or tails of Enterprise Technology, he can be found behind the lens of a camera, cheering on one of his favorite soccer teams around the world, playing a video game on his Alienware Laptop or Xbox, enjoying a good book, or spinning vinyl on his audiophile Hi-Fi rig.

My photography hobby is a real labor of love, and I find a great mix between letting some creativity out and being technical. I currently own an Olympus OM-D E-M1 with an Olympus M.ZUIKO ED 12-40MM F2.8 PRO. I look for every opportunity to incorporate my photography into other facets of my life. This blog is a primary example!