Alex is a Senior Technical Marketing Manager for EMC’s Backup and Recovery Systems Division and has over 9 years concentrating on Data Protection Topics. In addition to this blog, Alex contributes to The Backup Window blog. He is also a member of the EMC Elect 2013, and active in various industry user groups.

When Alex is not spending time making heads or tails of Enterprise Technology, he can be found behind the lens of a camera, cheering on one of his favorite soccer teams around the world, playing a video game, enjoying a good book, or spinning an album on vinyl.

My photography hobby is a real labor of love, and I find a great mix between letting some creativity out and being technical. I currently own a Nikon D300 with a Nikkor 18-200mm zoom lens. I look for every opportunity to incorporate my photography into other facets of my life. This blog is a primary example!

Feel free to follow me via this blog or on the various social channels I participate in, but be warned, I am officially giving you “THE GEEK ALERT!"