Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Dual Pronged Approach To Helping The Cancer Fight

Most of you, the readers of this blog, are of the "tech geek" persuasion. We look to use our analytical skills and jedi arts with technology to design solutions and improve quality of life. Heck, we even put our engineering skills to make people's lives more fun and enjoyable.

But, let me put the fun aside for just a minute...

I spend most of my day job helping organizations and businesses of all sizes solve problems in the hopes of driving more profit and make business operations in IT more efficient. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this at all. But occasionally, I get the pleasure of presenting to an organization that is looking to employ technology for a different overall goal. They most likely rely on philanthropic means to drive a good portion of their revenue and therefore operating budget, and use technology to make our lives better at the most basic (and necessary) level. Whether it is providing more effective education through the use of technology or employing high performance computing environments and petabytes of data storage to accelerate finding cures for disease and illness.

Sometimes to solve problems of illness such as cancer require employing simultaneous efforts from any one person. If every person follows this basic mentality the level of support just multiplies exponentially. In my case, I look to better inform these organizations through my career on the technology they can purchase and utilize to arm their researchers with state of the art tools to devise cures for disease, but I also look to give back personally through my own financial means to help them acquire the technology.

Ultimately, giving back can be done in multiple ways, be it financially or through volunteering your time. Either way, if we all pull together various talents and resources we can hope to accelerate research and ultimately save lives.

Starting just before the holiday season I joined my best friend back home in Alabama in an effort to raise money for the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life Team she and her family and friends will be coordinating. As part of this team, I am hoping to contribute and raise funds in memory of her Mother who passed away after a long battle with cancer.

If you are looking for ways to contribute back to causes such as this, I encourage you to give back with your time and help your local organization for whatever cause it is you feel strongly about. Make a difference from multiple angles!

For those who would like to donate and help me in my campaign, you can do so here.