Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What Started It All

Stay Away From the Light

I posted this to flickr on January 2006, on a cold New England winter night. It was this photo which was taken on a Sony Mavica that wrote to mini CDs that led to my obsession with Photography. This photo was "pure exposure luck" by the way. I knew very little about photography and exposure theory at the time I snapped this, but I remember noticing the effect the lamppost was having given the foggy conditions. Clearly hiding the lamp post behind the tree created this awesome Sci-Fi like scene. It was only when I got this photo into my PC that I realized that the camera captured exactly what my newly discovered photographic eye intended, but repeatable? Probably not. I clearly needed to understand the technicalities and art of exposing light. So I was hooked. As some of you may have experienced capturing that perfect photo doesn't happen by sheer luck too often, and more often than not frustration ensues at the pc monitor during the photo reviewing process. So off to learn about this new hobby I went!

Usually one would learn the proper theories and settings behind a camera via books, manuals, or maybe a photography course in school, but I didn't go about it that way. Most of my learning came from other photographers who shared their experience on "The Interwebs." Photographers I didn't even know personally, and to this day still haven't met. It was through Social Media channels in early 2006 before Social Media, Facebook, and Instagram was in the general public's vocabulary that I came across this website called a "blog", titled Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection. Through Thomas's blog, my passion for photography grew, along with enhancing my passion for Technology and Social Media. He discussed all of those subjects in one single site and had an extensive blogroll which included some world class photographers. I leveraged this community as my "photography course," enhancing my eye through their photos and blog posts. It also didn't hurt that Thomas blogged occasionally about technology in a general sense. 

So why did I chose to start "Exposing Tech"? Well, essentially I thought it was time for me to break out on my own in the tech blogging scene, and get more eyes not only on my photography, but also on my analysis on what I observe in my professional career as a technologist in the tech world. There is a lot out there, and I certainly won't be able to cover it all, but I hope that through this blogging channel I will be able to inform other like-minded readers on what I feel matters in today's technological and geek-filled world. I can't promise that my subject matter will be focused on one particular area, but at the same time, I hope to grow my writing and analytical skills with whatever subject I blog about which hopefully means each blog post will get better. At least that is the idea. ;)

My goal for this blog is to tell the "technology story" through my still photographs and videos in an original way. I feel the visual arts can certainly be a lot more powerful than the written word. 

I look forward to journeying through the technological metropolis we live in together, hopefully striking a nice balance between visual, audible, and written communication to filter what truly matters from the hype and noise.